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Quitting alcohol may improve mental well-being, health-related quality of life

Quitting alcohol may improve health-related quality of life for women, especially their mental well-being, according to a study from Hong Kong published in CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). “More evidence suggests caution in recommending moderate drinking as part of a … [Read More]

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The 5 Important Aspects of your Life and How Substance Abuse Affects Them

Every action a person performs in his life has an effect on him. Repetitive and constant actions have an even bigger and deeper impact on how his life is. Of course, the facets of his life cannot be contained into … [Read More]

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‘Sober September’ is here

People who indulged this summer or are just looking for a fresh start this month are putting away the booze and joining sober September. The 30-day challenge is a month-long hiatus from drinking, where the rosé and Coronas of summer … [Read More]

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There’s “no safe level of alcohol,” major new study concludes

While some medical studies — and a great deal of media attention — have focused on possible health benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation, a large new report warns that the harms of alcohol greatly outweigh any potential beneficial effects. The authors of the … [Read More]

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Got the ‘drunchies’? New study shows how heavy drinking affects diet

They’re called the “drunchies,” or drunk munchies. It’s the desire one has to eat salty, fatty, unhealthy foods during or after a night of heavy drinking. With obesity continuing to rise in America, researchers decided to look at a sample … [Read More]

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Deaths from liver disease are surging, and drinking is to blame

It doesn’t take many years of drinking to permanently damage the liver, doctors say. Deaths from liver disease have risen sharply in the U.S., and doctors say the biggest factor is drinking —especially among young adults. A study published Wednesday … [Read More]

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Can we talk about alcoholism and Anthony Bourdain?

By Jo Ann Towle I didn’t know Anthony Bourdain, but felt like I did in one small important way. In him, I saw a drinking alcoholic with a front-stage vigorous attempt to do it successfully. His was a fantastic life-embracing … [Read More]

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Make The Choice To Help Your Friends Stand Up Against Their Alcohol Addictions

Alcoholism is s familiar word to any of us. A distant relative or even someone very close to us can be a person extremely dependent on alcohol. A great deal of people in the whole country are regular drinkers, but … [Read More]

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More than 5 drinks a week could shorten lives by years, study finds

Current guidelines for drinking alcohol could be too high, a new study shows. People who follow government guidelines to have a drink or so a day could be drinking themselves into an early grave, researchers said Thursday. Any more than … [Read More]

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How Many Drinks Are In Common Containers ?

Problem drinking that becomes severe is given the medical diagnosis of “alcohol use disorder” or AUD.  AUD is a chronic relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive alcohol use, loss of control over alcohol intake, and a negative emotional state when … [Read More]

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