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Stimulants affect the nervous system by increasing neurotransmitter activity, increasing focus, alertness, and energy. Stimulants describe a wide range of chemicals, from caffeine and nicotine to methamphetamine or cocaine. When stimulants are abused, the brain becomes reliant upon the chemicals to regulate cognitive function. Stimulants can cause physical and psychological dependence.

For professional detox and medically supported detox from stimulants, call the Mission Viejo stimulant detox professionals at Turning Point Treatment Center.

Stimulants and the Body

Stimulants are chemicals that cause an increase in action within the body, from interactions between neurotransmitters to increased heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. The category of stimulants includes, but is not limited to:

Addiction to stimulants and subsequent removal of them from the system can induce physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Psychological withdrawal can be severe and may lead to suicidal ideations or violent outbursts, making supervised detox a critical step in recovery.

Stimulant Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of withdrawal experienced by stimulant abusers will vary depending on the stimulant that abuse, any co-occurring addictions, the frequency, duration, and amount of use, and co-occurring mental health disorders.

Withdrawal symptoms may include:

Stimulant Withdrawal Symptom Timeline

Stimulant withdrawal duration and timeline can vary, with withdrawal symptoms may begin within a few hours of the last stimulant dose. Physical symptoms will peak within the first seven days, while psychological symptoms of withdrawal may continue at a steady level for weeks or months.
Day 1-3: Detox may include fatigue, body aches, anxiety, dysphoria, cravings, hallucinations, paranoia, panic
Day 4-10: Fatigue and depression may persist, while physical symptoms begin to subside with each day’s passing.
Day 11-17: Depression, insomnia, and fatigue may persist, but most symptoms will typically diminish or subside.
Day 18+: Most acute symptoms have subsided, but in some individuals, PAWS will persist. (Post- Acute Withdrawal Symptoms)

Medically Supported Stimulant Detox in Mission Viejo

Detox under the supervision of the trained medical staff at our Mission Viejo detox center provides the support you need for a successful detox. At Turning Point Treatment Center, you can have confidence that you will detox safely and with the least discomfort possible, as our nurses and detox team provide round-the-clock care. Let the Mission Viejo stimulant detox professionals at Turning Point Treatment Center help you move through the critical stage of recovery: detox.

Don’t fight your addiction alone; detox from stimulants under medical care and supervision at Turning Point Treatment Center in Mission Viejo. Whether you are facing stimulant addiction alone or have co-occurring addictions or disorders, we are here to help.

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