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Opioid Detox in Mission Viejo

Opioids are strong narcotics prescribed for acute or chronic moderate to severe pain, prescribed in many forms as a blend of the narcotic with an additional pain-relieving medication including ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Prescription narcotic opioid medications and heroin are both in the opioid family. 

The family of opioid drugs are all highly addictive and lead quickly to physical dependence, resulting in changes in body chemistry and normal function. If you become addicted to opioids, the eventual withdrawals that occur can be extremely painful and uncomfortable, even dangerous to your health. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our Mission Viejo opioid detox professionals help you through the opioid detox process with medical supervision, care, and assistance. We can help you make it through detox without relapsing and transition into rehab with hope and confidence. 

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Opioid Detox and Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms occur when a person suddenly stops or reduces their intake of opioid substances. When taking opioid medications as prescribed, doctors often suggest a gradual tapering of medication. When taking opioids more than prescribed or when getting them illegally, the same tapering method is used during detox. This may be suggested when taking high doses of opioids, taking them longer than 6 months, or when your prescribed dose is significantly reduced.  

One way detox professionals like ours at Turning Point Treatment Center help patients slowly wean off opioids is through MAT, or Medication Assisted Treatment. With MAT, you are transitioned off high-risk opioids like heroin or strong pain pills, to a medically monitored dose of opioid agonist medication. 

Withdrawal Symptoms Experienced by Opioid Users

Opioid abuse or extended opioid use may result in the body experiencing withdrawals during detox, including:

Opioid withdrawal symptoms are rarely life-threatening on their own, but many patients feel otherwise. For this reason, it is crucial to detox under medical supervision and care, so you have confidence that you will make it through. Because many opioid detox patients have cooccurring disorders and addictions, this critical medical care helps mediate any additional symptoms or risks during detox. 

Professional Opioid Detox in Mission Viejo

Turning Point Treatment Center offers patients safe, sympathetic opioid detox at our Mission Viejo opioid detox facility. We care about our patient’s well-being and want you to be as comfortable as possible as you detox. A successful detox helps to ensure a smooth transition into rehab and a positive movement towards recovery. We want you to grow in your sobriety and have confidence that the changes you make will carry on into your daily life outside of treatment. 

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