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Our Treatments

Addiction Treatment in Mission Viejo

At Turning Point Treatment Center, our residential and outpatient programs (IOP) are designed specifically to meet the needs of people struggling with addiction at various stages in their addiction and recovery. Our Mission Viejo addiction treatment team provides numerous types of treatment, including:

Medicine Assisted Treatment (MAT)

Trauma & PTSD Treatment

Inpatient Rehab

Intensive Outpatient Rehab (IOP)

Outpatient Treatment

Alcohol Detox

Drug Detox

Founded in 2007 in Mission Viejo, California, our staff has helped hundreds of alcoholics and users begin the road to recovery. Let us help you or family member with the hopelessness, embarrassment, anxiety, fear, and shame that has overtaken your life.
Mission Viejo Inpatient & Outpatient Rehab

As one of Orange County’s most respected drug detox centers with two Licensed and Certified Treatment Centers, Turning Point Treatment Center can help transform your life by offering affordable drug rehab programs at one of our two narcotic detox programs, inpatient drug facilities, and recovery centers. In addition, our inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab center provides IOP or intensive outpatient programs in Mission Viejo.

Drug and Alcohol Detox in Mission Viejo

The process of detoxification from drugs and alcohol can differ from person to person, which means having a clear understanding of the individual’s past is critical to developing the best plan of action for detox. Detox is the process in which a person moves passed withdrawal symptoms and physical addiction so that they can begin the process of recovery. Because physical dependence on drugs or alcohol can be intense and uncomfortable, undergoing drug and alcohol detox in a facility that can fully monitor the process is necessary. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our Mission Viejo drug and alcohol detox center provides support, medical help, and recovery programs to give patients the best chance at ongoing success.

Dedication to Your Success—Our Addiction Treatment Process

Upon admission, clients will meet with a treatment team to develop a highly individualized alcohol or opiates detox plan, which may include detox medications, like Suboxone or buprenorphine, to make the detox process as smooth and pain-free as possible. Following detox, clients will be admitted to a 30, 60, or 90-day inpatient treatment program to being the road to recovery from alcohol or opiate addiction.

Our Facilities

At Turning Point Treatment Center, our Mission Viejo addiction treatment team believes in ensuring the most comfortable environment possible while maintaining the services necessary for addiction recovery. At every turn, our goal is to provide the facilities necessary to ensure a comfortable journey to freedom from addiction.

Dedicated Team
There are a variety of elements that determine the effectiveness of a residential and/or outpatient addiction treatment center. Among those elements, the clinical staff is absolutely the single most important factor throughout the overall rehabilitation process.

Jeff Benon

Executive Director

Tori DeGroote

Executive Administrative / Program Director

Donna Cho


Karen Rippy

LMFT – Family Therapist
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