Psychiatric Evaluations / Dual Diagnosis Assessments

Psychiatric evaluations and dual diagnosis assessments are hugely beneficial for medical, mental health and treatment professionals in developing appropriate care for individuals with co-occurring disorders. Many people who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction also may have one or more co-occurring mental health disorders, also known as dual diagnosis. In order to recover, both the addiction and underlying mental health issues must be addressed and properly treated. 

Unfortunately, many people don’t get the help they need. They either enter a treatment program that addresses their substance abuse issues without addressing the mental health component or they receive treatment for their mental health issues without stopping their drug and alcohol abuse, which stops them from properly managing their symptoms.

It’s imperative that people struggling with co-occurring disorders get the proper diagnosis and receive comprehensive treatment for both their substance abuse and mental health issues simultaneously.

At Turning Point Treatment Center, we’re committed to getting each client the help they need to recovery. As part of our intake procedure, all clients undergo thorough Psychiatric Evaluations and Dual Diagnosis Assessments to properly identify any underlying mental health or psychiatric issues prior to treatment.

Once clients have met with the psychiatrist and all mental health issues have been identified, they’ll meet with their treatment team to develop an individualized treatment plan for both their substance abuse and mental health issues. While in treatment, clients regularly meet with a psychiatrist for medication management and to ensure that they’re getting the proper care for their mental health and/or psychiatric condition.

While in treatment, clients will get the opportunity to learn about their co-occurring disorders and how to manage the symptoms of their mental health issues. After treatment, we offer referrals to local psychiatrists and mental health professionals to ensure our clients that struggle with dual diagnosis have the proper support during the transition back to their daily lives.

If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues, treatment might be the answer. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our individualized treatment plans, highly qualified staff and personalized approach to recovery have a proven track record of success. For more information on treatment at Turning Point Treatment Center, please contact us.

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