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Inpatient Inhalant Detox in Mission Viejo

Inhalants are common substances, usually household items, that are abused by breathing the vapors or fumes they release. Individuals experience a disoriented, disconnected “high” from misusing these inhalants. Inhalant abuse is known as huffing, sniffing, or bagging, and produces a mind-altering effect similar to that of alcohol.

Substances categorized as inhalants act as depressants on the nervous system, causing dizziness, slurred speech, impaired coordination, and lowered inhibition. Physical dependence risk is low with inhalants, but users can become psychologically dependent.
At Turning Point Treatment Center, our detox and rehab professionals can help you fight your addiction to inhalants with professional, supervised inhalant detox in Mission Viejo.

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4 Categories of Inhalants

Inhalants come in four categories and are common household items; many are kept in the home, garage, or office. They are categorized as:

Inhalant Addiction and Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of inhalant addiction include behavioral changes, skin changes, and eye irritation. Inhalant abusers may experience cravings, mood swings, and anxiety when they cannot get the substance they need.

Withdrawal symptoms when an individual stops using inhalants include:

Duration of Withdrawal from Inhalants

Withdrawal duration will vary depending on the type of inhalants an individual uses, the length of time the inhalants are abused, the frequency of use, and the existence of co-occurring addictions. Most inhalant detoxes will last between 24 hours and 7 days with physical symptoms diminishing over the 7 days. Psychological withdrawal symptoms can last much longer than one week, with some inhalant addicts experiencing Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms lasting 18-24 months.

Safe, Supervised Inhalant Detox in Mission Viejo

You do not have to suffer through inhalant withdrawal alone. Our Mission Viejo inhalant detox professionals at Turning Point Treatment Center provide supervised, supported detox from inhalants. Our team of detox and rehab staff, nurses, and on-call doctors can help you through the most critical time in your recovery, providing needed medical attention through your detox.

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