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Medically Supervised Hallucinogen Detox in Mission Viejo

Hallucinogens are psychoactive drugs that alter sensory perceptions, creating effects that last from just a few minutes to half of a day. Hallucinogens are not the typical addictive substance, but after long-term, frequent use, they can have an addictive property. Long-term hallucinogen use can trigger psychosis, uncontrollable emotions, uncontrolled hallucinations, paranoia, and flashbacks, making this a dangerous substance to abuse.

The Mission Viejo hallucinogen detox professionals at Turning Point Treatment Center understand the unique nature of hallucinogen addiction. Our team can help you safely remove the substance from your system with inpatient detox so that you have a successful transition into rehabilitation, giving you a new perspective and the freedom of sobriety.

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The Effects of Hallucinogen Abuse

When an individual uses hallucinogenic drugs, they can experience hallucinations of sights and sounds, disorganized thoughts, loss of coordination, and increased heart rate and blood pressure. A negative experience can include anxiety, blurred vision, paranoia, nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

Hallucinogen abuse can lead to acute or long-term mental health issues or can trigger underlying mental health conditions to rise to the surface. This triggering or “activating” effect can happen unexpectedly, without warning, whether the user has been using frequently long term or for only a short while.

When detoxing from hallucinogens, it is crucial to have medical care and supervision to ensure the safe removal of the substance from your system.

Hallucinogen Withdrawal Symptoms

After long-term, frequent hallucinogen use, individuals are likely to experience withdrawal symptoms when they decide to stop.

Symptoms of hallucinogen withdrawal may include:

Recovery’s Critical First Step: Detox

Detoxing from hallucinogens is the critical first step in addiction recovery. Your detox process will begin with a full medical (physical and psychological) assessment. Your personalized, comprehensive detox and rehab treatment plan will be based on this assessment, ensuring your program is geared for success.

At Turning Point Treatment Center, you will detox with 24/7 medical support and supervision, ensuring your safety as you move through the critical process of substance removal from your body. The goal of medically supervised hallucinogen detox is to manage any withdrawal symptoms, safely removing the substance from your body while promoting healing within the brain and body. It will return the balance in the brain’s neurotransmitters affected by the drug, so normal brain function and response returns.

Mission Viejo Hallucinogen Detox Facility

It is never too late to choose a different path, and you do not have to walk into sobriety alone. The Mission Viejo hallucinogen detox professionals at Turning Point Treatment Center are here to help.  Let our team of detox and rehab professionals give you hope for the future with hallucinogen detox and rehab tailored to your needs.

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