Drug Treatment Program for Couples

We have a scientifically designed drug treatment program for couples, where we work with a goal to treat the problem of addiction and restore hope and positivity in the couple’s relationship.

Whether it is you or your partner who is struggling with the challenges of addiction, or whether the problem of substance abuse is mutual, we are here to provide a comprehensive treatment program that is created specifically for couples. We will support you through this journey, and help you go through the healing process and recovery in a safe, healthy, and effective way.

Perhaps the most widely studied and applied family therapy has been Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT). A cardinal feature of BCT is the “daily sobriety contract” between the affected patient and his/her spouse in which the patient states his or her intent not to drink or use drugs, and the spouse expresses support for the patient’s efforts to stay abstinent. BCT also teaches communication and nonsubstance-associated positive activities for couples. Findings show that BCT produces more abstinence and better functioning relationships than typical individual-based treatment and that it also reduces social costs and intimate partner violence.

Well-supported evidence demonstrates the effectiveness of substance use disorder therapies that engage the spouse or partner and the family in reducing substance use and/or misuse problems and addressing other issues, such as poor communication, neglect, conflict, and intimate partner violence. In a recent review of controlled studies with alcohol-dependent patients, marital and family therapy, and particularly behavioral couples therapy, was significantly more effective than individual treatments at inducing and sustaining abstinence; improving relationship functioning and reducing intimate partner violence; and reducing emotional problems of children.

Relationship Counseling

We know from experience that couples who struggle with addiction can get the best outcomes when their therapy is integrated with relationship counseling. This counseling process involves professional guidance and support to help the couple recognize their value and their need for each other, and to deal with their issues in the spirit of positive and mutual healing.
Relationship counseling and support will enable couples to manage their differences in a more constructive way and focus on restore the core strength of their relationship. This will have a cascading effect on managing the problem of addiction, and improvement will occur at both ends.

Behavioral Therapy

We believe that the goals of behavioral therapy for couples are best served over a series of treatment sessions. For couples who are prepared to be optimistic will often find a renewed strength in their long term relationship when they go through professional behavioral therapy.

Our therapy for couples will help you restore honest and positive two-way communication and increase mutual understanding of each other’s challenges of addiction and other problems. Our trained and experienced therapists help promote a feeling of co-dependency in the couple. As the couple’s relationship is restored, it will make it possible to get out of the trap of addiction in a more effective and sustainable manner.

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