Your Rehab Journey at Turning Point

Your Rehab Journey at Turning Point

Is there anyone you know who needs help?

Lost faith in the hope to win the battle against addiction?

With us you’ll find an oasis of HOPE. Here, we provide high quality and affordable drug rehab.

We champion in the arena of helping people overcome addictions in our drug detox center, be it drugs or alcohol. Our indelible mark in life reformation has been and always will be our driving force to better our service, our programs, ourselves.

Our years of experience have allowed us to mature in handling various situations and conditions of men and women who has found addiction as an escape mechanism to harsh realities of life.

We’re a team, a family, and together we can bring back hope to those who have lost it or on the verge of losing it.

Being the best drug rehab you can find in the community, our team is always all hands on deck!

Over the years, we have expanded our reach and have opened our doors to countless recovering addicts.

We make sure that the patient’s time with us is a feet-in-the-sand experience at the drug detox center. No holds barred for pets and visiting hours. Our 24-hour service offers the patient the freedom from isolation. Because we know that addiction is a battle in the mind, we make sure we have our top caliber sober coaches and companions available 24/7 to keep the patient safe and properly attended to.

When we say that the road to freedom is a personal quest, we meant that in our journey with the patient we try to learn and adapt changes in the program based on the progress the patient shows.
We know that flexibility is a must but on top of that we adhere to our mission of providing them the safest place on earth along with affordable drug rehab services that will pave the way to continuous recovery.

If this is what you would like your friend, a family member or your friend to experience, we invite you to drop by and talk to our counselors.

Since 2007