Should You Go to Rehab? 6 Warning Signs You Need Professional Help

Should You Go to Rehab? 6 Warning Signs You Need Professional Help

Almost every man on earth whether in the old days or in these modern times have consumed alcohol and used drugs some time in their lives. The average person however considers this a recreational activity, an infrequent experience, or simply a curious phase. For a percentage of youth and adults alike, substance use becomes a habit – a necessity, a vital part of their daily lives. The irony is that they cannot live without what would cut their lives short. How do you know that you have gone too far? When is fun not fun anymore? When is an affordable drug rehab necessary? Take a look at yourself inwardly and even around you. For sure you have a hint of how things actually are. To guide you even clearer whether or not you need an affordable drug rehab, see these 6 warning signs below.

1. Physical and Mental Manifestations

Along the manifestation of substance abuse in one’s behavior are these apparent physical signs. The body changes as these chemicals are constantly taken in. The following are to watch for yourself or a person you know:

  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Changes in appetite
  • Sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • Changes in sleep patterns such oversleeping or insomnia
  • Poor grooming habits
  • Halitosis, and other body odor
  • Impaired coordination
  • Slurred speech

2. Reckless Behavior

Drugs and alcohol have their ways in clouding up a person’s judgment and lowering inhibition. That is why most people that take it casually do it for the relief of stress from school, work, business, and other complicated problems. After the short episode of substance use over a weekend or under a day, normal people resume to their daily responsible lives. However, those that constantly take drug and alcohol becomes impaired for longer, if not almost permanent, periods of time. It is important to seek help from drug detox centers if you have found yourself doing the following things more often than tolerable:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Drag racing or driving in extreme speed
  • Self injury like cutting, bruising, burning self, and other self harming actions
  • Constant unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • Drug use in public areas such as streets, clubs, vehicles, etc
  • Carrying weapons either concealed or exposed

3. Concerned Family and Friends

If there is anyone in the world who would know that something is not right with you, it would be your dear family and close friends. Most substance abusers find this annoying. But a family member or friend telling you that your alcohol and drug use is going out of hand and you need to do something, then you should. When people start to raise their concerns about you or when you notice other acquaintances keep their distance, that is because something is actually up with you. Make it a sign to take action. Resort for advice and professional help from drug detox centers.

4. Financial problems

Some of the early warning signs of substance abuse is financial problems. At first, you may lose your job because of your poor performance at work, constant absences, conflict with coworkers and boss, and the like. In the case of unemployed individuals, you may run out of allowance, drown in debts, starts to sell stuff, and eventually perform add jobs in direct exchange of substance or money.

5. Abuse on others

Since drug and alcohol impairs one’s judgment and lower inhibition, substance abusers become abusive in their words and actions. They have the tendency to be hurtful in their words and violent in their actions. If you notice yourself constantly letting our harsh comments on your parents, children, significant other, friends, and other people, and especially if aggressive actions accompany it, then you surely have a substance use problem.

6. Limited Freedom

Substance abuse restricts you in many ways. If your freedom to go to any part of your neighborhood is now constricted because of your ex dealer, the person you stole something from, the buyer you sold a robbed item to, or the cop who could possibly sense your illegal habits, then it is a red flag. When you have experienced jail time, got or will get involved in substance related conflicts, have performed inappropriate tasks in exchange of drugs, have stolen things, have sold yours or someone else’s belongings, and compulsively lies and hides what have you been up to, then you are beginning to get trapped in the mindless dictates of addiction. Restore your control over your life. Go to the best drug rehab.

For certain, you have noticed these signs yourself. For sure, you recognize that there is in fact an existing habit you need to correct. That is great! Identifying the problem is the first step to solving it. You are on your way. You probably wanted to stop but cannot. That is understandable. It is a common myth that substance addicts can change if they really want to – that recovery only requires desire and not the aid of the best drug rehab. Of course not – motivation is one thing, detoxification is another. It is excellent that you acknowledge your issue, and that you have the craving to change. Now, make the healthy transformation successfully possible by resorting for the help of the best drug rehab.

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