Detox and Nutrition

Turning Point Treatment Center has recently partnered with The Health Dude of Orange County, CA. The HealthDude is a unique

Detoxing your body is a cleansing of all that contaminates the body, this includes chemicals we ingest with the processed foods we eat on a daily basis. Our diets are directly related to our health, so if poor eating habits, fast-food addiction, and a sedentary lifestyle are currently apart of your life than many of the protocols below can be essential to you in reaching your health and nutritional goals. Please reference the HealthDude Juicing, Smoothie, Exercise, & Healthy Living Protocols.

How To Choose A Drug Rehabilitation Facility?

It’s Easier than you think… Just find one that has a detox nutrition program that they really care about, you can feel whether they are genuine or not….

As a consultant in the industry, I noticed that to have a successful drug Rehab Clinic there are some crucial factors that make or break an organization. Some of those factors are: A strong leadership, honesty, trust, well organized, experienced counselors, and a solid treatment program. However, one of the most overlooked factor is nutrition. Nutrition, that supports the physical medium of recovery has been demonstrated again and again that clients that receive a good nutrition program feel better during detox and are up to 80% less likely to relapse. That makes perfect sense, if your nutrition is optimal then you are less likely to be irritable and less likely to cravings and that ultimately affects your ability to make good sound decisions – which is the crucial element in recovery.

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