Sobriety gets the social treatment / Mobile Apps

It’s amazing what people will share through digital media that they wouldn’t discuss one on one or even over the phone, ” said Adam Leventhal, director of the University of Southern California Health, Emotion, and Addiction Laboratory. “Apps and other types of digital media platforms open up a whole new universe of ways to help clients stop. ”

Both the App Store and Google Play are loaded with social apps that aim to help people in recovery. These include I Am Sober, which describes itself as a motivational companion, and Nomo, which tracks days you’ve stayed straight. Social network Sober Grid connects recovering addicts, while A-CHESS aims to prevent relapses and to make it easy for counselors to reach out to patients. SoberTool shares motivational messages and features a community forum.

These software are intended to product in-person treatments, not replace them, though they can serve people who have no easy access to those treatments.


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