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We’re one of Orange County’s most respected drug detox centers with two Licensed and Certified Treatment Centers. We can help you transform your life by offering affordable drug rehab programs at one of our two narcotic detox programs, inpatient drug facilities and recovery centers.

Founded in 2007 in Mission Viejo, CA our staff has helped hundreds of alcoholics and users begin the road to recovery. Let us help you or family member with the hopelessness, embarrassment, anxiety, fear and shame that has overtaken your life.

The Treatment Process

Upon admission, clients will meet with a treatment team to develop a highly individualized opiates detox plan, that may include detox medications like Suboxone, to make the detox process as smooth and pain-free as possible.

Following detox, clients will be admitted to a 30, 60 or 90-day inpatient treatment program to being the road to recovery from opiate addiction.

If you or a loved one is struggling with opiate abuse, opiates detox and treatment might be the answer. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our individualized treatment plans, highly qualified staff and personalized approach to recovery have a proven track record of success. For more information on opiate treatment at Turning Point Treatment Center, please contact us.

The search for pleasure is often a misguided one. People will go to any lengths in the search for pleasure, finding outlets in a variety of places with a variety of potential dangers. Although there are many benign outlets for pleasure, many fall victim to the alluring pleasure promised by hard drugs such as opiates. Opiates are a class of highly addictive drugs that include popular prescription and pharmaceutical drugs such as morphine and codeine, and infamous recreational substances such as heroin. When used properly and under the careful guidance of medical professionals, opiates can serve as effective anesthetics that aid in a wide variety of medical procedures. But when abused recreation-ally, opiates can quickly become one of the most deadly and addictive substances available.

Those who have developed an addiction to opiates are generally classified as:

With these common goals in mind, we have developed a program that is tailored to provide support for those who are dependent on opiates and experience withdrawal symptoms when attempting recovery. Those who are simply dependent on opiates have an easier time recovering than those with a full addiction, and often require no further treatment or medication, while those who have developed a full addiction through prolonged use of opiates generally require more involved treatment. Those with an addiction to opiates include both people who continue to take opiates to protect themselves from experiencing the pains of withdrawals, or who simply continue to take opiates out of pleasure.

While the urge for recovery is strong, the pain of withdrawal is often stronger. Unfortunately, some recovery facilities are unable to provide support for the full length of recovery and are forced to let patients go. This is why many recovery facilities have begun to introduce programs dedicated to providing the resources necessary to quit opiates for good.

The symptoms as well as the length of opiate withdrawal differ from one person to another. This difference is usually determined by the length of time a particular person has been abusing opiates, with short-term users experiencing withdrawal symptoms for as little as three days, and longer-term users experiencing symptoms for up to a full week. Symptoms are often so unpleasant that many go back to abusing opiates again in as little as two days. During this immensely difficult period of recovery, facilities such as Turning Point Treatment Center are there to provide the environment and resources necessary to complete recovery. At Turning Point Treatment Center, we ensure that patients are completely stable and healthy before leaving our care.

Opiate Addiction is chronic and manifests in both emotional and physical side effects. As a result, treatment for opiates must be comprehensive. There are a variety of approaches to recovery depending on the circumstances, but medical detox is the most commonly preferred method. Medical detox is shorter than other recovery methods and provides a solid stepping stone to a stable safe recovery. Medical detox is so effective because it addresses common mistakes made while going through withdrawals, particularly the idea that going back to opiates will help satiate the pains of recovery, which only worsens their situation and makes recovery all the more difficult. At Turning Point Treatment Center, we utilize medications to most effectively manage withdrawal symptoms, including the use of Buprenorphine. Buprenorphine-based medications have been widely recognized as one of the most effective methods of treating opiate addiction. At Turning Point Treatment Center we believe the upmost in ensuring as comfortable an environment as possible while still offering the services necessary for recovery. Buprenorphine is an effective tool toward these ends, working to both minimize the pains of withdrawals while aiding directly in addiction recovery, and is supplemented with several similar medications to ensure the most effective treatment possible. This treatment is effective for those with addictions to both opiates such as heroin, opium, and morphine, as well as those with addiction to opioids in the form of synthetic pain medications such as methadone, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our goal is to provide the facilities necessary to ensure a comfortable journey to freedom from addiction.

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