Mission Viejo Couples Rehab

Couple Friendly Rehab in Mission Viejo

At our luxury couples-friendly rehab in Mission Viejo, Turning Point Treatment Center, you can expect that the process upon arrival will be much like individual intake but will be designed for couples. Each member in the partnership will go through intake and medical evaluation and will review drug history and co-occurring mental health information with our team. The answers provided by you and your partner will help us determine the plan of action for you as individuals and as a couple.

Turning Point Treatment Center offers couples the chance to recover together, providing a supportive and comprehensive treatment environment that fosters growth together. Our Mission Viejo couples rehab professionals can help you and your partner find sobriety while helping to recognize goals in your relationship and uplift your mutual recovery.

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What to Expect at a Couples-Friendly Rehab

Once you go through the intake process, you can expect to be given a tour of the facility and be shown to your rooms. Depending on the level of treatment you need individually and the stage of the process you are in, our team will determine if you can room together or separate and when that can change.

When couples enter treatment together, they can expect the process to look slightly different, as your treatment specialists and providers will understand the importance of integrating the relationship into the treatment process. Many couple's rehab programs will look different than individual therapy.

Couples rehab may differ from individual treatment in the following ways:

Professional, Couple-Friendly Detox and Rehab in Mission Viejo

Share your recovery experience with your partner while receiving comprehensive care structured to help couples with dual addiction. With optional joint treatment plans and a couple-supporting environment, Turning Point Treatment Center offers couples a mutually beneficial path to sobriety. With emotional and mental therapies geared towards encouraging healthy relationships, you can do this together.

Find sobriety with your partner at our Mission Viejo couples-friendly drug and alcohol rehab, Turning Point Treatment Center. Call us to learn more.

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