Cocaine Treatment

Cocaine addiction can be devastating to both the user and their loved ones. If someone’s using is out of control, cocaine treatment can help them to address their addiction and start the road to recovery.

What are some of the symptoms of cocaine addiction?

Cocaine is highly addictive, and even recreational or occasional users can find themselves physically and mentally dependent.
Signs of cocaine addiction include:
Cocaine addiction may also lead to heart attack, coma and death.

What does cocaine treatment include?

At Turning Point Treatment Center, our caring and compassionate staff have years of experience in cocaine treatment. Our highly individualized treatment plans are designed to offer each client personalized treatment to address and treat their unique set of needs, issues and preferences.

The first step in cocaine treatment is a 3 day detox to eliminate any cocaine or other substances from the body so the client can fully engage in the treatment process. Then, the client will meet with their treatment team to determine the course of treatment that will best suit their needs. Treatment will include both individual and group therapy.

Clients will meet with their individual therapist on a regular basis as well as engage in daily group therapy sessions in order to learn more about their cocaine addiction, how to manage their symptoms and how to avoid relapse. After their inpatient treatment is completed, our staff will work on an aftercare program to help them make a safe transition from inpatient care back to their day-to-day lives.

If you or a loved one is struggling with cocaine addiction, treatment might be the answer. At Turning Point Treatment Center, our individualized treatment plans, highly qualified staff and personalized approach to recovery have a proven track record of success. For more information on cocaine treatment at Turning Point Treatment Center, please contact us.

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