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The 5 Important Aspects of your Life and How Substance Abuse Affects Them

December 10th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Every action a person performs in his life has an effect on him. Repetitive and constant actions have an even bigger and deeper impact on how his life is. Of course, the facets of his life cannot be contained into … [Read More]

Mission Viejo Inpatient – Drug Rehab

October 9th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Founded in 2007 in Mission Viejo, CA our staff has helped hundreds of alcoholics and users begin the road to recovery. Let us help you or family member with the hopelessness, embarrassment, anxiety, fear and shame that has overtaken your … [Read More]

Over four decades, an ‘inexorable’ epidemic of drug overdoses reveals its inner secrets

September 21st / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Americans have long construed drugs of abuse as choices. Poor choices that can cost users their lives, to be sure, but choices nonetheless. But what if drugs of abuse are more like predators atop a nationwide ecosystem of potential prey? … [Read More]

Bring your Pet to Rehab

September 11th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

The idea of leaving your pet behind to find treatment. can seem difficult to entertain But what if you didn’t have to? Animal ownership provides immeasurable therapeutic value to addiction recovery patients. Your pet is your loving and trusted companion who will love you unconditionally … [Read More]

‘Sober September’ is here

September 6th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

People who indulged this summer or are just looking for a fresh start this month are putting away the booze and joining sober September. The 30-day challenge is a month-long hiatus from drinking, where the rosé and Coronas of summer … [Read More]

‘It Starts With Mindset’: What Portugal’s Drug Policy Experts Taught Me About Addiction Treatment

September 4th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

“Change the mindset.” Goulao recognized early in the drug reform battle that society’s perception about drugs and people who use them needed to change. Everyday Portuguese people were dying, and they demanded change. People in positions of power needed education: … [Read More]

There’s “no safe level of alcohol,” major new study concludes

August 23rd / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

While some medical studies — and a great deal of media attention — have focused on possible health benefits of drinking alcohol in moderation, a large new report warns that the harms of alcohol greatly outweigh any potential beneficial effects. The authors of the … [Read More]

What Is the Best Way to Discontinue Benzodiazepines?

August 22nd / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

To examine this question, a team of investigators from Glostrup, Denmark, conducted a systematic review using standard Cochrane methods.[1] Data from 2295 patients were extracted from 35 trials. Of 18 comparison interventions, no single intervention was assessed in more than … [Read More]

New Wave of Complex Street Drugs Puzzles Emergency Doctors

August 21st / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

At a time when drug overdoses are becoming more prevalent and lethal, a new report provides a snapshot of regional illicit drug use and, for the first time, highlights the complexity of detecting and treating patients at hospital emergency departments … [Read More]

Coroner sent letters to doctors whose patients died of opioid overdoses. Doctors’ habits quickly changed

August 20th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Addressed directly to the doctor, the letter arrived in a plain business envelope with a return address of the San Diego County medical examiner’s office. Its contents were intended, ever so carefully, to focus the physician on a national epidemic … [Read More]

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