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Your Rehab Journey at Turning Point

October 7th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 1

Is there anyone you know who needs help? Lost faith in the hope to win the battle against addiction? With us you’ll find an oasis of HOPE. Here, we provide high quality and affordable drug rehab. We champion in the … [Read More]

What You Need to Know about Drug Detox Centers

September 28th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

How often do you take a bath for the day? Once? Twice? Or do you have the luxury of time to sing your heart out in the shower for thrice a day? No matter how many times we cleanse ourselves … [Read More]

The 5 Important Aspects of your Life and How Substance Abuse Affects Them

September 14th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Every action a person performs in his life has an effect on him. Repetitive and constant actions have an even bigger and deeper impact on how his life is. Of course, the facets of his life cannot be contained into … [Read More]

Should You Go to Rehab? 6 Warning Signs You Need Professional Help

September 10th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Almost every man on earth whether in the old days or in these modern times have consumed alcohol and used drugs some time in their lives. The average person however considers this a recreational activity, an infrequent experience, or simply … [Read More]

Short Term and Long Term Effect of Drugs: Why Should You Stop Using It

September 7th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

HELP: Get help, now! In some cases, it gets to the point where a drug user thinks that he or she cannot live without taking the drugs. This kind of case is called drug addiction. Drug addiction is somewhat the … [Read More]

Optimism Is The Key To Your Recovery

September 7th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 1

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, your best option is to get help and be treated. You can run to the nearest medical center available and participate in their rehabilitation. The assistance you receive from the people and … [Read More]

Easy Steps To Complete Drug and Alcohol Recovery

August 3rd / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

At the Turning Point Treatment Center, you can finally rid yourself of all your drug addictions. Although the road to recovery will always take time, we can promise you it will be worth it. Your life is very important so … [Read More]

Alcoholism Treatments That Will Release You From Your Addiction

July 13th / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Alcoholism is caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol. It is when your body takes in too much alcohol that you become susceptible to it. For example, if you have the habit of drinking beer more than you should, it … [Read More]

Make The Choice To Help Your Friends Stand Up Against Their Alcohol Addictions

July 3rd / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

Alcoholism is s familiar word to any of us. A distant relative or even someone very close to us can be a person extremely dependent on alcohol. A great deal of people in the whole country are regular drinkers, but … [Read More]

The Choices You Make Today

July 3rd / Bill Kellaway / Comment: 0

When going through a rough phase in life, people may resort to hurting themselves physically or emotionally. That is why it is the best decision to acknowledge your own addictions. For instance, when one is under the influence of drugs, … [Read More]

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